Friday, September 3, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Three

As I mentioned yesterday, a lot of friends have been on the move! One of my besties made a big move from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to the desert of Arizona. I'm proud of her for making the move to follow her hart (his last name) and to experience life outside of Colorado. We were both so lucky to grow up in a beautiful state and I like to think we'll both end up back there. While we're still young (her last name) it's good to experience something new and gain a greater appreciation of Colorado! 

One of the fun new things she'll get to experience in Arizona is....Trader Joe's! I know it was one of the things I was very excited about when I moved to California. However, the first few times I shopped there I felt a little overwhelmed. I saw a lot of unique products, but I wasn't seeing the basics. With time I've mastered TJ's and can get almost all of my weekly groceries there. I am a huge fan and honestly will be a little heart broken when we move away from one (fingers crossed one opens in CO in the meantime!)

On it's way now to the desert is a gift card and reusable TJ's shopping bag. Wanting her to not feel overwhelmed, I also enclosed a list of my favorite/go to items. In honor of the creative challenge I opted to make a unique card...
To make the card I re-used a TJ's paper bag. Cut off the handles and cut down the bag to a card size. I glued the handles and then the bag to a blank card. On the back of TJ's receipts are funny cartoons.  I attached this one because we used to joke about this cellphone commercial.

In case you're curious, here's the list:
  • Sugar Snap Peas (I know they sell them at other stores, I think TJs are the best)
  • Spicy Peanut Vinagrette
  • Parmasean Ranch Dressing
  • Spicy Black Bean Dip
  • Plain Humus Dip (I like it better than Sabra, and that's saying a lot 'cause that stuff is delish!)
  • Creamy Tomato Soup
  • Simply Almonds, Cashews and Cranberries Trek Mix
  • Just Mango Slices
  • Peppered Beff Jerky
  • Multigrain tortilla chips w/flax seeds! (I found a similar type at Whole Foods, for those w/o a TJs)
  • Pumpkin pancake mix
  • Sparkling mineral water, lime flavor
  • Mandarin Orange Chicken (frozen section)
  • Sweet Potato Fries (frozen section)
  • Berry Medley (frozen section)


kaci j said...

you are such a good friend!! what a fun little idea. i too get SO overwhelmed at TJ's and find i always skip the basics and get fun things.. great way for you to help her with that! oh melis.


Debbie Mendes said...

my favorite is flaxseed chips and hummus. that's three meals right there!

Anonymous said...

hey kac, how did you know it was for me?! one of the best things i've ever gotten in the mail!!!