Monday, September 6, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Six

I'm currently taking an online workshop by one of my favorite bloggers, Elise. The workshop is all about making minibooks. While I'm not a huge scrapbooker, I think they are a great way to document memories from trips and life events. The size of these books feels more managable to me than a whole 12x12 scrapbook. The timing of the workshop couldn't be more perfect. It is giving me great material for my creative challenge!

Over the weekend we took a trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. While there, I worked on one of the major aspects of a minibook - my photography. My hope is to make my first book from our weekend photos; between Brian and I there were 430 photos taken. For the sake of the creative challenge, these are photos I took using some of Elise's photo tips.


kaci j said...

OOH!! I like the bikes and the bench ones the best. those are FUn pics! can't wait to see the book!


(my fav comment security word so far)

Debbie Mendes said...

Love these pictures!! I can't wait to see the book. [wootion? really?}