Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life on Cragmont

I've been living with the Tabers on Cragmont Ave for the last month. It's been an adjustment, as any new home is, but it's been very easy to adjust to life in their beautiful home!

Some highlights from life on Cragmont...

Honey (aka bunny) and Hannah (aka banana)

Amazing view from the entire backside of their house!

I love this sign on their front door!

Enjoying another one of Rachel's creations - chocolate covered strawberry sugar cookies.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Completely LOST

time travel? polar bears? another plane crash? always more questions than answers.

i am completely LOST and loving it.

i did not get into the tv show LOST until very recently. it was recommended by several people, especially because all the episodes are available on netflix. i have a netflix account - the dvds come to my house and brian uses the 'watch it now' feature from his house. one day while browsing movies i noticed LOST popped up in my 'recently viewed' films. weird since i hadn't watched any episodes. i asked a friend to tell me something about the show that only someone watching it would know. i sent him a text message and he knew he was caught! the response was something along the lines of "i'm in deep!"

it didn't take long for me to get hooked. we never thought it was possible to catch up in time for the season premiere this week. however, after several very lazy weekend days filled with LOST marathons brian caught up. i was 3 episodes shy, so rachel graciously explained the end of season five (enthusiasm, drama, and suspense included).

for the season premiere on tuesday, rachel and her friend lauren hosted a party. they are both perfecting their baking skill and wanted to make LOST theme treats. i was so impressed with how their creations turned out. all of the items were just as good as they look!

as for the actual season premiere, i am so confused. i think i need to rewatch it to understand what's going on. or maybe that will only leave me shaking my head and saying "what!!"

lauren's chocolate cake pops with the winning lotto numbers

sugar cookies with dharma swan and flame
rachel cut the stencil to make all of these - impressive!
red velvet cake with fondant
and dharma initiative logo (hand piped by rachel)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Letters

I'm a big fan of February. Holidays are behind us, resolutions have become routine (or fallen off the wagon), it's prime ski season and the spring is within sight. And last, but certainly not least, it's Valentine's day - my favorite holiday cards to make! I remember making Valentines in college, probably drinking Carlo Rosse wine and watching Sex and the City. It was so much fun to send homemade heart cards. Since college I've continued that tradition, sending a little love to my close friends and family.

This year I decided to take a different route. Rather than putting all my energy into making cards, I thought I'd support a friend's card business and put energy into what I write. Each day this month I'm going to send one card to someone special in my life and tell them what I love about them, aka Love Letters.

A former co-worker told me she loved me the other day, quickly followed by a "I hope that wasn't weird. I just think we should say it more often, make sure the people who are important to us know we love them." I could not agree more.
{photos and cards by JNELLY}

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