Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Shortly after returning from our honeymoon, B and I met with a realtor and began a house hunt. After two months of looking at ok homes, a friend told us about a cute house in her neighborhood.

I took this photo while I waited outside on our first visit. The red door and all around curb appeal had me hopeful and the inside did not disappoint! After a second visit, and a look at a few comparable homes, we decided to make an offer.

After loads of paper work, inspections and other legal logistics...we became homeowners!! 

The past month has looked like this:

sold - first pic on our front porch - first home purchase W&D
B packing humor - moving day! - our front porch gnome
getting cable (pretty big deal) - first of many home depot trips - B shoveling for the neighbors (what a guy!)

And we couldn't be happier!