Wednesday, January 25, 2012

S*** Brides Say

In case of your Wednesday is in need of some about some wedding humor: 
Shit Brides Say (I didn't feel right putting that as the title!).

I am guilty of: 
- Pinning!
- Just DIY it

This is a good reminder to laugh and not take life or this whole wedding thing TOO seriously.

Also hilarious, check out: Shit Yogis Say

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest-a-thon: Craft Studio

Hi friends, welcome to my craft studio!! That's right, I have my very own CRAFT STUDIO! Ok, maybe that's an over exaggeration, but I do have a clean, organized, happy place to work on projects now. 

I was primarily inspired by Inspired Honey Bee 's craft studio, after spending lots of time in there. I also found lots great ideas on Pinterest. I'm sharing all the details today on IHB as part of her January Pinterest-a-thon. Hop on over and check it out

Want to join the party too? Link your Pinterest inspired projects right here!
Disclaimer: this little project of ours is not sponsored by Pinterest. We're just really obsessed. Like really!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bridesmaid Style

Pretty early on in the planning process I started researching bridesmaid dresses. I found that I was drawn to the mismatched dresses within a shade. I love how they're coordinated but also show each bridesmaid's individual style. Here are just a few of the pictures I fell in love with:


Although I had talked to all my 'maids about the idea, I decided to make a little something they could use as a guide for shopping. I found these purple large tags on sale at Paper Source. They were begging to be used for a fun wedding project. On the front side of the card I used the collage of photos above.
On the backside of the cards I used paint chips (cut into circles) to make a scale of gray as a shopping guide. I also included a few suggestions for clarity. I finished the cards off gray twine.

To date, four girls have picked their dresses and I LOVE how the look is coming together! 

Of course you can't look at bridesmaid dresses without looking at shoes! To complete the look, I want the girls and myself to wear TOMS wedges. Since the ceremony will be on grass, wedges are perfectly comfortable for standing and dancing into the night. It makes me happy to think each girl will get a pair of wedges and a child without shoes will get a pair too. I also really, really love that TOMS created pewter sequin wedges  (bottom right).


 Last but not least, to REALLY complete the look will be my favorite ladies standing by my side looking absolutely fabulous in their shades of gray!! I'm still working on jewelry, but will probably wait until all of the girls have their dresses. Suggestions welcome!

Engaged? Check!
Photographer? Check!
Venue? Check!
Engagement photos? Check!
Popping the other question (will you be my bridesmaid?)? Check!
Wedding dress? Check!
Wedding Colors & Inspiration Board? Check!
Save Our date postcards, Officiant, ceremony music, day-of coordinator, florist and caterer? Check!
Bridesmaid style? CHECK!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding update: 6 months to go!

When we got engaged I had the great idea only I would update the blog on a regular basis with our plans. Well then life happened and I've barely shared any updates. So, at last, in honor of the 6 month mark until our big day (which was actually 10 days ago), here is a wedding update...

Save Our Date Postcards
From the beginning I knew I wanted to send out postcards to save our wedding date. They're an affordable option, both in postage and paper, plus a great opportunity to use engagement photos. I did extensive research on Minted and Wedding Paper Divas and kept coming back to this postcard. I loved the date blocks and the word choice: save our date, however the layout and colors weren't working with the photo we wanted to use. I did what any crafty gal would do and decided to make the postcards myself! Here's the end result:
I used Picasa and Picnik photo programs and had the postcards printed through Zazzle. Not only was I able to get the exact look I wanted, I cut the cost by .20/card! Putting them into the mail was really fun, but not as much as the pictures and messages that rolled in as family and friends received them. I can only imagine the excitement when we get to the invites!!

Our VIPs
Over the past few months we've confirmed a few Very Important People to help make our day extra special and run smoothly. As I've mentioned a few times, it's important to us that this day be a reflection of our journey and involve the people and things we love most. So far I feel like this has come true, including the following...

As you'll remember, Brian and I met at a wedding (read full story here). In celebration of where it all began, we asked the father of the bride from that wedding to marry us! He gave a heart warming and funny toast at their wedding and is a loving and caring husband, father and friend. We are thrilled he agreed to marry us!

Ceremony musician: My uncle is an amazing guitarist. Last Thanksgiving he showed Brian and I his guitar room and even demonstrated all the gadgets. When we started talking about random wedding ideas, we both agree it would be so great to have Uncle Eddie play at our wedding. We are grateful he said yes! He is also known to tell A LOT of jokes (good and bad), so who knows he might play guitar and do stand-up comedy.

Day-of coordinator:
When putting together our budget I made sure to figure in a day-of coordinator. Having done wedding planning, I knew I needed to have someone else to take care of the day-of details and logistics so I can focus on other getting married. I called my friend Arlaina who I met working at the AHA, although she is now an event planner for the convention center. She was honored I asked her to do it and will do such an amazing job and have fun too. At the time I asked her, I was also job searching and she connected me to my current position! I am forever grateful. We've already agreed that I'll return the day-of favor for her (when the time comes).

Florist: In September during the creative challenge, I made bouquets and boutineers for fun. I had though for a split second it would be fun to do my own flowers, but making those reaffirmed my decision to hire a professional so that, same as above, I can focus on getting married. Layna's good friend Katie did all the flowers for her wedding (see here and here) and did an amazing job! I am so thankful she's agreed to do our wedding too! We've met once so far and it was probably one of the most fun conversations I've had during this planning. I'm excited to see what she puts together, I know it will be beautiful! 
Caterer: I knew who I wanted to hire from the beginning. As I explained here
I worked for a catering company so it was pretty hard for me to look elsewhere. I did look at pricing and menus at a few other caters but ended up going with my fav: Catering by Design. I know from first hand experience their event service is top notch, not to mention their food is really good (aka not your typically chicken buffet). I have been happy with their ability to work within our budget to create a delicious menu, using local ingredients when possible. We'll be having a tasting in the next month or so which I am super excited for!

I really am going to try and share the details on a more regular basis around here. They're fun to write and it helps me share the details more widely. I already have a few posts ready to go, so check back again next Wednesday for more Lack-gert wedding updates! July we come!

Engaged? Check!
Photographer? Check!
Venue? Check!
Engagement photos? Check!
Popping the other question (will you be my bridesmaid?)? Check!
Wedding dress? Check!
Wedding Colors & Inspiration Board? Check!
Save Our date postcards, Officiant, ceremony music, day-of coordinator, florist and caterer? CHECK!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best of 2011

2011 was a big year for us: engaged, new jobs and a move to Colorado all sandwiched between a million memories, everyday life, adventures and celebrations. Inspired this post on one of my favorite blogs, I put together my own best of 2011!
adventures in joshua tree
popping the other question
City Love
Hittin' the Road
BIG news.

Wedding Season
This past year five of my favorite women got married. I could not pick a best and that's because they were all amazing on their own. I'm so happy to have witnessed these celebrations!
Melissa & Parker
Jeremy & Debbie
Sara & Andy
Sarah & Derek
Dave & Layna
  Had to share one more wedding photo, because this is one of my very favorites. ever.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...
BEST new people to join the world in 2011!!
{Georgia, Lucas, Phelan, Calder, Brynlee, Asher, Dylan,  Luke, Ryder}

I am incredibly grateful for another happy and healthy year. Here's to you, 2012!! I have a feeling its going to be another good GREAT year!!