Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday afternoon on a cliff overlooking Tennessee Cove, Brian asked me to marry him! Here's the story and a few photos. I still can't believe WE'RE ENGAGED! So excited and just trying to let it all soak in. 

A few weeks back Brian suggested we go for a hike the weekend before Valentine's day. Sounded like a great idea to me and I didn't think too much about it. As the weekend got closer he was talking about these hiking plans frequently. For those that don't know, Brian is not a huge planner so I was suspicious, but tried my very best to keep my expectations in check. As we left for our "hike" yesterday morning I was pretty sure it was just a thoughtful Valentine's hike and I'd made up the fact we might get engaged.

We arrived to Tennessee Cove just after noon and made the trek from the parking lot to the ocean. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of other people hiking and picnicing on the beach. The sun was shining when we left the parking lot and as we got to the cove it was pretty foggy. Brian suggested we hike up one of the hills to get a better view of the ocean and cove area.

When I say hike up one of the hills, I really mean walk straight up the side of the hill. I felt like a mountain goat. We were almost to the top when we passed a woman who said we were almost there and that the view was one of the best she's ever seen. She mentioned a small cliff area where you can look down and you're over the ocean. Once we got to the top this was the view... and it really was a great, fog and all.

We found the cliff area she was referring to and Brian asked me to take his picture.

 Then he took the camera and said "now let me take your picture." I not a huge fan of cliffs with no railings, but I stood for my picture. Then Brian says "come back here, the picture is missing something." He pulls out a ring box and the first words out of my mouth are "no way!" as in i could not really believe it was happening! Then he asked me if I'd marry him. Of course, I said YES! followed by quite a few oh-my-gosh, oh-my-gosh.

As we are standing there letting the engagement soak in, Brian pulls out a bottle of wine. He made sure to get a bottle from a winery we'd been to together. So sweet! Here is a pic of the ring, the wine, the fog and the ocean. OH and speaking of the ring, I abosultely love it!

As we were enjoying a glass of wine, Brian told me that while we were hiking up the side of the hill he was thinking this is why I'm marrying her...she will climb up the side of a hill without complaining (most of the time). He also told me how he'd asked both of my parents and how sneaky he was at buying the ring. I told him about how I thought maybe this hike was "the hike" and then didn't think that because he was so calm. I also told him how perfect this day was. I couldn't imagine us celebrating such a big moment any other way.

As we were chatting, the fog burned off and it was now a spectacular day! Here's a pic of the cove minus the fog. We got so lucky with the weather, because as I write this the rain is back in the bay area.

We're engaged!!

Even the moon came out to congratulate us!

We spent over two hours on the hillside, chatting, taking pictures and enjoying the view. I'd left my cellphone in the car and was so happy not to have it (for probably the first time ever). It was so wonderful to have the news and excitement just between us. 

When we got back to the beach, we collected some rocks and sand and had a stranger take our picture. She was asking which way we wanted to face, and we made she got the proposal spot in the picture. After she took the picture I said "we just got engaged up there!" It just flew out of my mouth and I realized the first person we told was a total stranger.

When we got back to the car we both called family and friends. That's when it really started to sink in....we're engaged! On our way home we stopped at In and Out burger for an ultra classy and romantic engagement dinner.

As I joked with Brian yesterday....and now the planning begins! It might be a surprise to those that know me (the planner) best, but I'm actually kidding. I want to wait to start planning for a liiiiiittttllleeee bit so we can enjoy this time. 

We have already been showered with so many sweet comments, calls and messages. Thank you so much. I truly feel like the luckeist girl in the world!


Marisa said...

Love you two soo much! What a wonderful engagement story! Good job Bri!!! Beautiful spot, the day and weather could not have been more perfect! Enjoy this special time!
MariZa and Edubs

Debbie Mendes said...

So exciting!!! I'm thrilled for the two of you!

Ashley Butler said...

Sooo cute! I got goosebumps reading this. Im so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

Jessica said...

Such a GREAT story! Glad it turned out to be The Hike. I'm looking forward to seeing all your amazing creativity with planning your wedding!

Jaclyn said...

SOO happy for both of you!! Yes, let the planning a month or so. hehe

Sara said...

So happy for you both! Can't wait to read all about the planning on your blog. We'll definitely need to plan a good ole Benny's date to celebrate this one! Congrats sister! Such great news and a great engagement story to go along with it! Love ya!

Lisakay said...

I am so excited for you two!!! Congrats and thank you for sharing your engagement story.

Carolyn Reflections said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful and the story is so sweet. Yay!!!

Laura Loo said...

Such a fun, beautiful story! It made me tear up a bit. So happy for you! Enjoy!

lauren kraus said...

michelle! i just signed on facebook for the first time in a week or so and saw your 'relationship status', i decided to click on your blog to see your news. SUCH a beautiful story and amazing pictures! i love it. i dont even know this fellow, but it sounds like you two are so happy, which is exactly what matters. i hope to see you sometime soon, maybe back in CO. are you guys staying in cali? anyway, congratulations! i am very excited for you and totally teared up a little when i read your post. good work ;) love to you from iowa!