Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bridal Shower Banner: Debbie Loves Jeremy

Before tying the knot, it's important the bride be showered with lots of love. In preparation for her April wedding, over the weekend was Debbie's first bridal shower. Her best friend and maid of honor, CeCe, planned and executed a beautiful Parisian bridal shower. 

Cece claims she's not creative but I strongly disagree. When she showed us her inspiration for the shower, I was impressed by her creativity in pulling from several sources to make a truly unique shower for her best friend! I offered to help with some of the paper details, such as the cute banner below as seen on the blog Green Wedding Shoes

{green wedding shoes}
Aww how sweet, Debbie Loves Jeremy

To make the banner, I used pink doilys from the Michael's $1, cricut letters (black letters with a white shadow) strung them on oyster gray twine. I was having trouble taking a photo of the entire banner so I cropped several photos for the picture above. 

Below is an up-close photo to show the details. I love these doilys and would highly recommend them for projects. They are thin, so not highly durable, but so perfectly frilly and feminine.

After spelling out Debbie Loves Jeremy, I had one extra doily. In honor of the other love in Debbie and Jeremy's lives, I created one for Lola the cat! As seen in the picture below, Lola was napping or hiding the entire shower, but I'm sure she was thankful for the shout-out. 

One of the beautiful tables at the shower! For more photos and details, visit Debbie's blog.

Me and the bride-to be!

 Next up, bachelorette party!!


janelle Van Houw said...

autboac....haha i thought this was the word verification box =)

Love this post michelle sooo cute!
did u make the white hanging flowers over the table?!

Michelle said...

Ah, I wish I could take credit for the white pom-poms (or flowers!) but they're made by Martha:

I did have a major role in fluffing said pom-poms! I think they are so cute and would definitely use them in the future. Don't tell Martha but I think they could be easily replicated :)

Debbie Mendes said...

I feel like your blog is the Debbie show!! You did such a great job with this! You are amaZING! And how freakin cute is Lola!?