Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Now that we're 72 hours into our engagement (not that any ones counting...), it's starting to sink in and feel more real. This wasn't just a dream. We're still living our same lives, only now we're engaged (yay!). The first few days were spent (and still might be) smiling, gazing at my ring, re-telling the proposal details and soaking in the sweet congratulatory love we've received. 

One word that's entered our vocabulary, so far in a joking manner, is fiance. I've always thought it is such a weird word. As we were calling to share the news, we heard it a lot. One friend even joked that by the time you get used to saying "my fiance" you then transition to "my husband/wife" So, I guess it's time to work it into the vocab. 

On Valentine's Day my friend Layna, who's getting married this summer, shared: I wrote a card for Dave saying how lucky I am for him to be my fiance, but instead misspelled it and said finance...whoops! In addition to it being a weird word to begin with, it is commonly misspelled. While I couldn't help but laugh at Layna's mishaps, I'm sure I've done it a million times in reference to my engaged friends - awkward!

Last night I asked B what he wanted to do this weekend and his response was "I don't know, be fianced." While I knew that's not a real word, just enjoying the fact we're engaged and now fiances does sound like a nice weekend plan. 

In an effort to avoid future blunders, I decided to look up the spelling of fiance. Turns out I've probably been spelling it incorrectly and calling men, women and vise versa - doubly awkward! Here are the correct spelling and definitions for full clarification:
fiance: a man engaged to be married
fiancee: a woman engaged to be married

I also looked up engaged for the heck of it
 1. involved in an activity
2. pledged to be married
3. greatly interested
4. involved in an especially hostile encounter
5. being in gear 

So here's to being a fiancee to my fiance, or fianced...if you will. I hope our engagement is a good mix of 1, 2, 3 and 5 and none of 4!

{definitions via merriam-webster}

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what? you're engaged??