Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Cards

Even though Valentine's Day was like sooo yesterday I wanted to share some Valentine creativity. I'd intended to share this post yesterday, but as you can imagine I was a little distracted

Whether you love or hate the holiday, there is no denying the possibilities for creativity. In my eyes the holiday is not about flowers and chocolate, its about thoughtful gestures for those we love (which to some might be flowers and chocolate). My favorite part, as I've mentioned too many times before, is making cards to send to the people I love most! 

Last week Rachel hosted a Valentines, Candy and Wine party (similar to the monster cupcake and gingerbread village holiday parties).  The purpose of the party was to get a bunch of ladies together to gossip, drink wine and make valentine cards and cupcakes.
In addition to hosting, Rachel baked the cupcakes and provided the frosting and decorations. I brought blank cards, pattern paper, stamps and my beloved cricut. The rest of the group was encouraged to bring any items that could be used for cards (glitter, ribbon, crape paper, markers, stickers, etc) and a beverage or appetizer to share.

  Twelve lovely, and extremely creative, ladies showed up and dove right in to the card making. I was beyond impressed by the creativity; each card was unique and made from a variety of the materials. I was also shocked that only two bottles of wine were consumed amongst all those ladies. In between showing people how to use the cricut I made a card for my valentine. Here are most of the cards made that night many of which are for these ladies valentine's.

HVD {Happy Valentine's Day} by Sandy

Be Mine by Debbie

Crape paper ruffles by Debbie

Robot Love by Rachel
inside says: that's robot for i love you!

I freaking heart you by Jordan (a PA student, can you tell?)
inside says: you make my heart skip a beat

Happy Valentines by Christina

Doilys and crape paper by Jess

I like you a latte by Surime
she made this whole cup. the details are impressive!

I heart JB byAriane
Happy Valentines by Ashlee
I love the mix of felt, twine and cricut letters

I love you {a latte} by yours truly
the actual size is 8.5x11. i used cricut letters, a latte picture from a magazine, crape paper behind the latte, and debbie's lace paper edger (love that sucker!)
The card above was made for my funny valentine, barista and fiance (woah!). I also got him Whiskey Rocks and a bottle of his favorite whiskey. B gave me a sweet card and got me set up with renters insurance (practical and totally appreciated) to cover my new bling! We had a nice low key evening at home. I made dinner, we shared our answers to this qui
 and watched Despicable Me.
For all the other loves in my life, I made a variety of cards using paper I had on hand. My favorite part of the Valentine's were the heart envelopes I mail them in. I made all of the envelopes using the Multicolor Wrapping Paper from PS (same paper I used to make the paper heart garland). I can't imagine opening a mailbox and not be excited to find these cute, bright hearts. I heart them.


Also worth mentioning...yesterday was my six year anniversary with KP. Not a significant milestone by any means, just hard to believe I've had a real job for seven years. Prior to working at KP I worked at the AHA. I will always remember my KP anniversary for the irony - I left the AHA and started at KP on Valentine's day.

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