Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread Village

On Monday night Rachel hosted a Gingerbread, candy and wine party. In other words...a group of ladies gather at Rachel's, each bring a bottle of wine or appetizer, two bags of candy and we all make gingerbread houses while indulging on wine, apps and the candy! 

The result was an eclectic village of nine houses,  over-consumption candy but an all around good time! Welcome to our Gingerbread Village...

The mound of candy and frosting used to build the village

And the most fun part, an up-close photo of the houses and my favorite part about each one!

Look at the roof on this house - each tile was cute out of Twizzler's pull-n-peel. Favorite feature: the melted snowman in the yard!

Welcome to my elf hut. I'm sure it's really cute and cozy inside, which is good since the outside leave a bit to be desired! Favorite feature: sour patch lawn with a corner garden. 

Do you have a stomach ache from eating too much candy? Have no fear: we're at the hospital! After making a window that looked like a sign for an emergency room, Ariane decided to make her house a hospital. Favorite feature: the ambulance on the sprinkle filled street. 

The house on the block everyone envies - look at that immaculate lawn and perfect path way! Favorite feature: chocolate pretzel lined roof. 

As you can probably tell, this is the Architect of the group: perfectly spaced bushes, fences and look at that curved pathway! Favorite feature: the perfect sprinkle tile roof. Need a professional, for your real or gingerbread house, you know who to call!

Maybe I'm biased because Molly was sitting right next to me, but I think her house turned out super cute! Peppermint fence, gum drop lined path and those chocolate pretzels for the roof. Favorite feature: turning a (tree shaped) sugar cookie into a large yard tree. 

My other neighbor (while decorating) sure is handy with the frosting! In no time at all she had a Smartee roof, mint chip lawn and pretzel fence. Favorite feature: trees in the yard. Holding that front tree up is a roll of Smartees - clever!

Last but certainly not least, the A frame at the end of the street! Elana made the most of her lawn space by creating several lawn ornaments. A festive, wide path leads you to my favorite feature: the cute red door with a sprinkle door knob. 
(i'm a sucker for red doors and little details)

That wraps up our Gingerbread Village tour of homes! To continue the holiday creativity we're planning a Valentine's cookie, card and wine (of course) gathering. 

Ashlee, Debbie and Sarah - you were all missed! 


Debbie Mendes said...

These look so good! Sorry to have missed but there will be other opportunities to consume large amounts of sugar and drink bubbly!

kaci j said...

Oh my GOSH i love ALL OF THESE!!! I need to do these parties... gingerbread, cupcake monsters- how FUN! can i move to oakland please??

love you and your sweets!
also love that you find your favorite part of each- always the positive, kind gal!