Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not your mother's craft fair

Over the weekend Rachel and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. The weather threatened to rain on our parade (forecast: heavy rain and wind - yuck), but thankfully it only sprinkled making the day just perfect. 

I didn't know exactly what to expect at the craft fair, I just had a really good feeling it would be RAD.  When we were in Chicago for Emily & Ryan's wedding I stopped by the actual store Renegade Handmade and while it was cool, I was expecting more. That's when I realized there are bi-annual Renegade Craft Fairs across the country. I confirmed on Saturday - this in fact is what the hype is all about. We settled on two statements to describe it: not your mother's craft fair and a live version of Etsy

I purchased a few gifts, which are surprises so I can't share here. But I will offer you a glimpse of the fair...
{renegade blog}
After browsing every aisle I was left with a lot of appreciation for the time, effort and talent of the vendors. I saw a lots of letter press goods (which really makes me want to take a class), mustaches are apparently really popular and tons of vendors had their company name on a bunting paper (yay!). I also was really curious to know if all these vendors have real jobs like me or do they get to craft all day long (jealous!)

I didn't have a chance to get cash before the show and was delighted to see almost all of the vendors took cards. One of which had a card swiping device attached to her iphone - ahh technology! 

If you ever have a chance to check out a Renegade craft fair DO IT. Need someone to tag along? Call me! 


kaci j said...

i need to go to this.

with you.

can we wear birthday crowns, just for fun??

Karis said...

Please let me know when the next one is...I want to go!

Marisa Midori said...

I've always wanted to go to a Renegade Craft Fair. They look like such fun and such a supernova of creativity!

P.S. Love your blog header.