Thursday, December 9, 2010

Desert Delight

Over the weekend I took a trip to Arizona to visit one of the states newest residents, a true desert delight, Melissa! I shared here about moving to AZ to follow her Hart. 

I had never been to Arizona so I didn't really know what to expect. I was surprised by how big the mountains are and completely intrigued by the saguaro cactus! They are so cool and if you are crazy like me, you start thinking the cactus look like people giving a low-five, or two cacti hugging (yep, crazy!). While I still prefer trees to cacti and grass to sand, I really enjoyed Arizona. 

Of course, I was most excited to see Melissa and ....her bebe bump! She and Mr Hart are expecting their first bebe in May. I was happy to meet Parker (aka Mr Hart), see their new home and desert lifestyle.

Speaking of which, here are a few pics of the outside of their home: 

Parker (circa 1996) +  Melissa = love

On Sunday we took a drive north to Sedona. It was beautiful! Parker took us on a private Jeep tour up into the hills, which was fun and really bumpy. 

While in Sedona we also took a little hike. 
Sadly this is the only picture we took together the whole weekend.

I also got to meet Parker's best friend, Dylan!

And what everyone really wants to see...Melissa and her bebe bump!

Although they're still deciding on room themes, I wanted to make them a Baby Hart Bunting Banner to get the decorating party started! They aren't finding out bebe's gender until birth so the potential (neutral) themes are: jungle, turtles or rock star. Regardless of the room theme, there is no doubt Baby Hart will be spoiled rotten with love! I am so excited for M&P and their bebe!

Thanks to M&P for hosting me for the weekend! 


Sarah said...

i love arizona!

kaci j said...

ooooh! I wish i could have come. i love melissa's house! just how i pictured arizona. and i love her bbb *bebebump*

:) thanks for posting your sweet melissa and your trip!