Wednesday, December 22, 2010

28 (a little bit late)

Rachel sporting her birthday crown!
At the beginning of December the lovely Mrs Rachel turned the big 2-8. Another year older, wiser and just as beautiful. On the eve of her birthday a group of us celebrated at the Burger Bar in Union Square. 

For Rachel's birthday I wanted to make her a set of cards. When I lived at her house I was always making cards, including this set of 30 for Kaci, and she mentioned how she'd love to order some. I made a mental note of that and decided her birthday was the perfect opportunity. In honor of her birthday I settled on a set of 28 cards. 

Unfortunately I didn't have them done for her actual birthday celebration, so I made it my goal to give them to her at the Gingerbread party. I am happy to report I did it! And here are a few of my favorite cards from the bunch (appropriately displayed in a 2 and an 8!)

I put all of the cards and their envelopes in the pillow box I made with my Paper Source wall calendar (as seen here). Tied it up with a bow and added a small matching card.

Even though they were a little late, I know she greatly appreciated the cards, as she's already expressed her gratitude. It just goes to show...good things come to those who wait, even when you're 28! 

I have a good feeling about the year ahead for you, Rachel! And I'm happy we are the same age again (wink).


kaci j said...

i love those cards!! i think it's about time i order some more... say, thank yous for after christmas?? :) i especially love the last three in the 2. that white, blue and red is aWEsoME!

Anonymous said...

I <3 you so much! Thank you again for such a lovely birthday night and special present!! Xo rachel

Debbie Mendes said...

Did you just rhyme 28!?!