Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Wreath Round-Up

Here are a few of my favorite holiday wreaths from around the web. I LOVE the handmade quality of these. And as you can see, I'm completely drawn to the red and green this year!

{handmade colectibles}

{william sonoma}

{paper source}

{martha stewart}

 If money and time weren't an issue I think I would have tackled something a little more creative than what I came up with. In the end, I knew I wanted a real evergreen wreath (for the glorious smell) that I could spruce (pun intended) up a bit. 

I bought an evergreen wreath from TJ's for a ridiculously low price. Before I was able to decide how to spruce it up, It just sat in our hallway so we could enjoy the smell. 

To decorate, I headed to Michael's and settled on some silver ribbon and two sets of berry garlands. I cut one of the strands into several pieces and simply poked them into the wreath. For the most part they've stayed in place without any glue. This also means after the holidays I can pull the berries out and keep them for next year. 

I know it looks a little (or very) plain, but I decided to keep is real simple this year! I hung this on the door in our living room. Although we have to sweep up a lot of needles, I am so happy to have a real wreath! 

With the second strand of berries, I made another smaller and also very simple wreath. This cutie is hanging in our bedroom. 

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kaci j said...

ooooh you know i LOVE your wreaths! your own wreath, your shot out to cool wreaths, everything about it! yay green and holly berries :)