Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I heart the Trader Joe's Cookbook

I received this cookbook from Rachel for my birthday. I know, my birthday was a while ago, but I have finally had time to use this sucker. True to its title, I truly heart the Trader's Joe Cookbook! 
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As I mentioned when I shared my list of favorites/go-to items from TJ's, it took me a while to truly navigate the store. There are so many unique items, I'm just not always sure how to prepare them. Thank goodness for the I heart Trader Joe's Cookbook because it makes meals out of items that can all be found at TJ's. The recipes are also very simple and have a 75% success rate in our house (unsuccessful =  the southern greens pasta. A for effort)

Here is a sneak peak inside the cookbook and my favorite recipe (so far): 

Don't have a TJ's nearby? You could improvise most of the ingredients. 

10 days until Christmas...not too late to add this to your wish list or pick it up for the TJ's lover in your life!

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