Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warm Holiday Greetings

I've been wanting to share my holiday cards here, but decided to wait long enough for everyone to receive them in their mailbox first. This morning I uploaded all the pics, planning to write the post later in the day. I realized the post was meant to be today because a) it's actually WARM and sunny here today, so it truly is a Warm Holiday Greeting and b) many other of the blogs I follow also shared their holiday card today!

My only real plan for making holiday cards this year was to use materials I had on hand, which included a large pack of festive holiday paper. I saw these cute cards ideas from Paper Source and was planning to use them as inspiration. 

Over Thanksgiving we took this nice photo in Laguna Beach and I got to thinking...why not use the photo for our cards. I mean, who wouldn't want to see B and I arrive in their mailbox? :) 

While there are many wonderful websites that will produce beautiful photo cards, I still wanted to make the cards myself (need to use up that holiday paper!). Using Picasa I added the Warm Holiday Greetings as seen below. In less than an hour Wallgreens had my photos ready for pick-up! 

I mounted the pictures on dark brown cardstock. Using my cherry Divine Twine (I know, I am obsessed with it) I wrapped the photos to look like a package. 

Using 12x12 sheets of holiday paper, I cut a festive base for the card. I attached the holiday paper to a flat piece of Kraft paper.

With scraps from the paper above, I made coordinated envelopes! 

I attached the two pieces of paper together, added labels and stamps to the envelopes and viola - a Warm Holiday Greeting from our house to yours! I'm really happy with how the cards turned out and have received so many sweet comments from friends and family. 

I wanted to make something smaller but similar for a few of my co-workers. Here is what I came up with...

While I truly enjoy making and mailing holiday cards, there is nothing I love more than coming home to holiday mail. Our Happy Holidays garland is filling up nicely!

Here are a few of the presents I wrapped last night. Cute tags, eh? I decided to use simple paper this year (it's actually packaging paper from CVS) with the tags I made and festive ribbon. Easy breasy. Now hoping they all travel well on the airplane! 

Tonight we're off to Colorado! I am SO EXCITED to be home for the holidays!! 

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kaci j said...

cute cute CUTE! I love the cards (and i love that mine was esp created to match my laundry room, thankyouverymuch) and i love the garland! you are awesome. the end.

crophsf. that's a fun word right there.