Friday, October 29, 2010

Monster Mash

It was a dark, rainy night in the hills of Berkeley. Most ghouls and goblins in the bay area were glued to their televisions watching the Giants. While Count Dracula kept score, we 
prepared a hauntingly delicious fest. Over dinner we caught up on life. It was spooky how long we'd all gone without seeing each other! In case you weren't keeping score, the Giants killed the Rangers, who looked more like zombies out on the field. 

Inspired by Martha Stewart Cupcakes, Rachel set up our laboratory. Stocked with chocolate and funfetti cupcakes, frosting and candy in all shapes, sizes and colors. With a glass of Charles Shaw elixir, we got straight to work. 

The creative juices were a little slow to begin, but before too long our eyes beheld an eerie sight. 

Monsters began to emerge. 

Before too long, we were all doing the mash...the monster mash!!

Sarah's monsters

Ashlee's monsters

Rachel's monsters

my monsters

Happy Halloween! Remember to watch what you eat, in case what you eat is watching you!!

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kaci j said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! how GREAT! i am so jealous to not make monsters with all my favorite monster girls!!!! muah!