Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh, hello October

The first thing I did when I arrived to work this morning was set down my piping hot Pumpkin Spice latte. Then I got down to business and changed my calendar to October. Oh hello, colorful lovely to see you!

Today marks the start of the new month and also the completion of the September Creative Challenge.  30 creations and 30 posts in 30 days! 

Last night we (Debbie, aka Inspired Honey Bee, and I) celebrated the end of our challenge with a bottle of bubbly and a cheese plate, followed by Lunafest. If you have a chance, go to one of the viewings! My favorite was Love on the Line and Debbie's was Tightly Knit

I am so happy the September Creative Challenge is behind us. While it was fun, inspiring and a great sense of accomplishment, it was also extremely time consuming. It pushed me daily - to be more creative and to stay on top of my projects and posts. It was really fun to try new creative endeavors (sewing, baking, photography) and experiment with my stand-bys (paper crafts, cooking, gifts). I thought writing the daily posts would be the hardest part, but that ended up being the easiest.  Having encouragement and positive support from all of YOU definitely kept me going. I loved your comments, emails and suggestions for future projects. Thank you. 

This weekend I plan to do some major cleaning and re-organizing of my craft materials. I will also be planning for my next project(s). The two biggest things I learned are that I do really well when I have a goal and I love posting here on a regular basis. Stay tuned for new projects and some fun changes in store for the whole enchelleada.

In honor of a successful completion of the September Creative Challenge and as a way to thank my lovely readers, I'm giving away a 2011 Paper Source Wall Art Calendar!! 
To be entered to win: leave a comment between now and Sunday, Oct 3. Tell me what inspired you OR what was your favorite day of the creative challenge. Winner will be announced Monday, Oct 4. 


Chelsea Krueger said...

I want to win!!!! (There's a Boston Terrier on the calendar!)
Your 30 day challenge was not only inspiring but also impressive! Way to go! It isn't easy to make that commitment each day and you did such a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Very cute blog you have here:) I like the crowns you made nelly and layna, and I am for sure going to steal your beer present smart! Hope you are doing well, and now I have another fun thing to look at on the computer when I have nothing to do:)

Debbie Mendes said...

My favorite post was the Corona Happy Birthday gift! How easy was it to just wrap a box and poke a candle in that lime. You are truly inspirational and I thank you for showing me the way of the thrifty gifts!!

kaci j said...

LOVE your creative challenge. i'm sure if papa k fires me, it's cause he saw i spent more time on enchellada than lotus ;)


Jnelly said...

I love how you always find a way to reuse paper and past craft really bad about doing that si you inspire me to reuse mire often! Your ric rack and fringe cards are my months fav!