Monday, October 11, 2010

weekend in photos

{click to enlarge}

 from left to right...1. I cut bangs, first time since 5th grade 2. We took a day trip to Chico, CA. Per Debbie's suggestion, lunched at Woodstock's pizza - delish! 3. Enjoyed walking around the cute college town of Chico, beneath tons and tons of trees. 4. The Sampler @ Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - prost! 5. Favorites: Crystal Wheat, Kellerweis. Not a fan of: the dark beers  6. The guys sampling wort while on the brewery tour 7. Cool chandelier at a bar in SacTown 8. Turtle art, made from bike parts 9. Weekend tradition - bagels and coffee @ Noah's - on 10.10.10 we drank coffee in honor of Chelsea's birthday

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