Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vegas Vacation

Over the weekend I met Chelsea in Vegas for a girls weekend. On the agenda were a few simple items: pool time, shopping, eat good food, workout and go dancing. 
Although we were in Las Vegas, our weekend was anything but typical Vegas vacation. Take for example the night we opted for workout clothes as we walked the strip...
Stretch break at the Bellagio
Elvis says viva las lunges!
B is for bulging biceps
Running the stairs
Wall sits as we take in the view of the strip
Toe touch
Casino style bicep curl
Cart wheels
Although we never made it dancing, I'd say we successfully accomplished our agenda! Most of all it was so fun to be away from everyday life and have some quality friend time.


Debbie Mendes said...

You two are SO funny!! The only running I've also done all of the above in vegas but usually in a very short dress and very high heels. A lot more running though ..

janelle Van Houw said...

I never saw this GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY!! and soooo FUN!!! next time I in vegas I think ill workout! =)