Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ryan & Kara's Wedding

In June we traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (through Denver and Omaha...there are no direct flights) to attend Ryan and Kara's special day. Brian was a groomsman in the wedding. He and Ryan worked together in Des Moines when they were both fresh out of college. I can see why they're friends, both great mid-western, Iowa Hawkeye loving guys with a good sense of humor. 
Ryan and Kara came to visit us in California in the spring of 2009. They spent a few days in SF, Napa, Tahoe and Sacramento. We knew Ryan was going to propose and kept secretly wondering if he'd do it on their trip. No such luck, but we did pull the secret engagement plans out of him. A few short months later Ryan surprised Kara with an engagement in Las Vegas. On a private viewing deck of the Bellagio, during a fountain show he'd chosen the song for, he proposed. 

The Horn's ~ June 19

Venue: Sioux Falls Convention Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The couple: Kara & Ryan
Colors: Black, Silver and sparkle!
- The ceremony was in the afternoon at the church Kara's family attends. It was beautifully short and sweet. After the ceremony all the guests went outside and were given noise makers and ribbon wands. After a few pictures in the church, the new Mr and Mrs Horn ran out to their party bus through the cheering and ribbons.

- The wedding party and their dates took a party bus from the ceremony to the reception. On the way we made a pit stop to get a few pictures and have a quick drink in downtown Sioux Falls. My favorite part of this detail was that Kara made sure all the 'dates' were part of the group on the party bus. She had a shuttle pick us up from the hotel and take us to the ceremony so no cars would be left. That little extra coordination meant a lot to this date :) 
Celebrating on the party bus - CHEERS!
We were all given relationship/marriage themed koozies. Mine says "I'm not stubborn, my way is just better"
The wedding party
Groomsmen leap!

As we walked into the large reception room, we were greeted by these two ice sculptures. One of the things Kara and Ryan agree-to-disagree on is their college football loyalties. Kara (and her entire family) are Iowa State fans. Ryan is an Iowa fan. There were a lot of jokes on this subject throughout the weekend.
Cy the Cyclone (Iowa State)
Herky the  Hawkeye (Iowa)

Their wedding cake (not pictured) was very unique! They had a beautiful 4 tiered cake, that was decorated styrofoam. The very top layer was real cake for the purpose of "cutting the cake". Guests were served cake slices from the catering staff. Great way to have an elegant looking cake for less money (and way faster for the catering staff to serve!). 

Kara and Ryan hired a DJ/piano player who they knew from a Des Moines piano bar. He was a great pianist, entertainer and emcee. He played a great mix of dance music, piano/sing-along-songs, some strictly piano, and even took requests

Ryan, groomsmen and friends serenading Kara

My very favorite detail were the gifts for the attendants. Each groomsman received a bottle of their favorite liquor, with an engraved thank you as well as an engraved glass. Brian got Maker's Mark with a high ball glass. 

The bridesmaids received their favorite liquor and 2 corresponding Tiffany's glasses. 
Classy and useful gift!

Thank you to Kara and Ryan for inviting us to your special day - we had a blast!!

Completely unrelated to the wedding, but worth posting is this picture. A horse and wagon we passed on the road near Kara and Ryan's house! 


Jessica said...

oooh, what a special treat! A wedding Tuesday! I love weddings on ANY day!!!

ps, when you sent me a text about "knowing you were in the mid west" was it shortly after seeing that gem? i hope so!

kaci j said...

I love the cake idea! I am going to suggest that for when people order cakes from me!!! :) (is that bad business??)

AND, I love your dress. And your koozie. And i LOVE the transfer and storage pic location- how cool is that!

and ice sculptures?! that's tfba.


Chelle said...

I think the cake idea is EXCELLENT! While I have no factual evidence, I can only imagine the quality of the cake it much better when its in 'sheet cake' form, rather than under layers of fondant. So it's the best of both worlds: amazing looking cake and delicious slice of cake for your guests!