Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Creative Challenge

While at a recent Paper Source workshop, where the inspiration and creativity flowed much like the wine, I was invited to participate in a challenge. Not just any ol' challenge, but a creative challenge. Inspired by the PS motto, Debbie challenged me do something creative everyday the month of September and share it on my blog; meanwhile she'll do the same. I love a good challenge, so I quickly accepted. 

Since that evening my thinking cap has remained on, holding in ideas and a plan of action. I am not an everyday blogger (although I'd love to be) so it's going to take work. I am looking forward to pushing myself more creatively and blogging regularly. I know there are some days when I won't have time to create something from scratch, so those days I will share something from my portfolio (if you will)
I hope you'll follow along with me here and Debbie on her blog all this month as we share our creations!


Debbie Mendes said...

Excited to see what you have tomorrow ... let the challenge begin!

Jessica said...

I am personally excited for my participation in the september creative challenge and the PRODUCT of that challenge!


ps, the word verification for this post is "consper" which is very close to "conspire" which is no coincidence if you ask me since we will be CONSPIRING to make amazingness for the game!!!