Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kick your smoothie up a notch

I was recently inspired by this blogger to try adding spinach to my smoothie. You see, I love a good smoothie (thanks largely in part to my Magic Bullet that makes a single serving smoothie so easily). I also love spinach. Not necessarily for the taste, but for the nutritional punch it packs in every bite. In salads, sauted or mixed into meals, I'm a fan.
Not a super fan, gaah gaahh gaaahh gaahh gaahhh, but a fan enough to give it a whirl in my smoothie. I am officially hooked. I can't even taste the spinach (although B said he could), but love knowing it's in there.

Spinach Smoothie 
serves 1

Handful spinach
1 banana, broken into pieces
Splash of juice (I used mango puree and filled to the top of spinach)
1 scoop protein powder
Frozen berries, fill to top of cup
Water, fill to almost top of cup (or you could also use more juice)


And ENJOY knowing you are kicking your smoothie up a few notches! 

If you try it, will you let me know what you think? I bet you'll be delightfully surprised! 

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MH. lovely by m said...

yay so glad you tried it!!! it is surprisingly good isn't it....and i LOVE my magic bullet too!