Thursday, August 12, 2010

Only Prettier

Last month I flew to Denver for the weekend to attend my 10 year high school reunion. While I was sans B,  I was plus 5 of my very best friends (and one boyfriend, Dave!). We rented hotel rooms downtown and arrived early to snack, chat and finish getting ready together. We also took turns flipping through the yearbook and my senior year scrapbook. Here are a few gems from back then...

Senior trip - Cancun
Post-college, Corona Street roomies
While I was excited to see quite a few people from our class, to me the real reunion was with these ladies. They are what made my high school experience so memorable. Although we've all spread our wings and taken different paths, it's nice to know when we are together, we all pick right back-up where we left off. I'd say we're all exactly the same, only prettier.

Here are my favorite pictures from the reunion...


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Jessica said...

i love us :) but this living in portland thing has left me tragically pale! i must get on that ASAP! thanks for sharing all of our memories!