Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go Marsha Go!

This weekend is the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. Last year I really wanted to participate in the run, but did not sign up for the lottery in time. That's right, there's a lottery. This is why: posh/inspiring expotique prior to the race race, gorgeous course through the streets and parks of San Francisco and at the finish line you receive a Tiffany's necklace from a fire fighter. 'nuff said. 

Since I couldn't run, B and I volunteered to cheer on loved ones and strangers. As a runner, I can greatly appreciate all the encouragement along the way. Especially if you hit the wall, there's nothing better to put a little pep back in your step than seeing a friendly face. We spent the morning at the mile 8 thrive mile where we handed out orange slices, rang cow bells and cheered our hearts out. We were also wanting to see two loved ones - Debbie and Brian's sister-in-law, Erin. 

I made them each a sign to hold up when they ran by. Here is Debbie's: 
note: the theme of the marathon last year was run like a girl
The other side for Erin said "go Erin - keep on cookin" 
note: cookin' is a Lackore family joke/word that is completely overused to the point it's funny

This year, our office administrator/office "mom"/one of the nicest people in the whole world is participating in the half marathon (her very first!). For someone who doesn't do races, this is a big deal. Since I won't be there to cheer for her (we'll be at a wedding in Chicago), I wanted to make her a sign. 

I cut out some bright letters on the Cricut to spell: GO Marsha GO! 

When I went to purchase poster board I forgot the letters so I was trying to coordinate from memory. Clearly I did not coordinate too well, as this is a little bright/hard to read. 

I ended up using white paper on top of the poster board and then added the letters. I also outlined the letters to help them stand out a little better. 

Last but not least, I grabbed a handful of Sharpie's and had everyone in the department write a message. This morning I posted this on Marsha's door: 
She LOVED it and said she can't wait to show her team....and I quote "they're going to be SO jealous." Good luck to Marsha and ALL the women participating in this year's race!!

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