Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 x 2010

After a long weekend not posting on the ol’ blog, I am back with a list of my next projects and...a winner! I’ll start with the fun news first.

Thank you for your comments about the September Creative Challenge. The winner of the 2011 Paper Source Wall Art Calendar is: Chelsea*. Congrats! Since I believe that everyone is a winner, others who left a comment will also receive a treat. Bet you wish you would have commented too, don’t you?

To keep my creative momentum going from September, I came up with a list of 10 tasks/projects to accomplish by the end of 2010. I look forward to sharing the process and final product of these projects with you.

Refresh the whole enchelleada
Ever since I started a blog, back in July 2009, I’ve really wanted a more custom look to my page. I resisted the urge to pay money and have thoroughly enjoyed my paisley background. As a treat to myself for completing 100 posts (yay!) it is finally time to spruce things up around here. Hoping you’ll see some changes this week!
2.     Complete Association of Bridal Consultants certificationJust one more section and a final project to complete and I will be a certified ABC consultant! I have been a member of ABC for three years now. Being certified will just give me a little more street cred' in the world of weddings. 
3.     Learn to Tweet
I want to understand and try using Twitter. Debbie uses it for her blog, as do many other bloggers, and I’m intrigued. I learn best by diving in and just trying it, so that’s my plan.
4.     Make a personalized wedding gift
We are headed to a wedding in Chicago in two weeks. I thought of a fun, unique wedding gift B and I could make together. I am really excited to see it come together and look forward to sharing the process with you!
5.     Make Halloween costumes 
As I mentioned on Day 30, the creative wheels are turning for creative and inexpensive Halloween costumes. My goal is to make the costumes and spend less than $50 total.
6.     Make a wreath
With autumn, and soon the holidays, in full swing I’ve seen loads of cute, festive wreaths. While I don’t know if I trust putting one outside our front door (we do live in Oakland, you know), I really want to make one to display somewhere in the apartment! I’ve already been search for inspiration around the blogland and Etsy. Can’t wait to show you what I come up with.
7.     Mini-books
At the beginning of September I took a two week online workshop on how to make a mini book. Since I was doing the creative challenge, I didn’t have a lot of time to construct an actual book. I have two books that I want to get done before the end of the year. First on the list is our trip to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park. 
8.     Handmade for the Holidays
I want to support the handmade movement by making my own holiday cards and gifts, or purchasing items from Etsy, with as many gifts as possible.
9.     Make more idea/inspiration boards
I want to make and share more inspiration boards for wedding and party ideas. I recently downloaded Picassa (for free!) and realized I can now easily make a collage of pictures (much like can be done in Photoshop and Publisher).
Try a new recipe every weekI love to cook. I’m a new enough cook that trying a new recipe each week isn’t too challenging because I'm still building up my go-to meals. This should be a fun one. I promise to share recipes of good meals and stories of the belly flops (quinoa burgers, anyone?)

*winner was chosen using random.org. thanks for playing! 


Jessica said...

thoughts for a wreath...


I saw this in the latest issue and totally thought of you (and Debbie!!) and your succulent gardens and thought perhaps you'd like this! let me know if you try it, i'd love to see the results!

kaci j said...

l.o.v.e. your lists. i love lists, i love you, i love inspiration.ding ding ding, you ARE the winner!

ps also love not working. which TWE helps with. thanks for that.