Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Thirty

Is it just me or does Halloween always sneak up on you too? It's one of my favorite holidays - mostly for the costumes, fall leaves and candy corn - but it always catches me a little off guard. Year in-and-out I vow to plan a costume earlier in the year so that when the end of September rolls around, I'm putting the finishing touches on my costume, not just starting it. 

Yesterday it hit me, once again, that Halloween is just one month away! Needing some creative inspiration I spent some time on in Halloween Central. I found so many fabulous ideas, from simple to elaborate, for costumes, decorations and all things party. 

I thought this bee catcher outfit would be good for B and I could dress up as a bumble bee or just a bee hive like this
I also thought this jelly fish costume would be simple and has the potential to be fun and unique. 

 While costumes are still TBD, I thought I'd at least get started on making our apartment a bit more festive. Using one of the Martha Stewart templates, I cut out some little bats. Combined with my oyster gray divine twine, I thought I'd make a bat garland. 

I traced and cut out bats on black card stock. Using a silver pen I gave them all eyes so that they are friendly, not frightening. 

I then punched a small hole in their wings to string them on the twine.

I hung them above the stairs in our landing area. I thought they'd appreciate the cave like atmosphere. This is also the one place we pass by the most in the apartment, so we're sure to get full enjoyment out of these guys.  
They even look cute, as silhouettes, with the lights out! 

I promise to keep you posted on our costumes. My goal is to make them myself and spend less than $50 (for both). Wish me luck!


Jessica said...

your commentary makes me laugh. in the same way i wish we had a pet rabbit makes me laught. and it makes me love you even more than i did 5 minutes ago.

cute bats. i'm sure they like the cave like atmosphere.

Debbie Mendes said...

I'm not coming over until those things are put away. SCARY!

kaci j said...

i heart your bats. i wish i had somewhre to put bats in my house. maybe i'll just move into yours for the month.

double rainbow intense.