Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Seven

Within the last few weeks two of my college friends have shared the exciting news that they're pregnant!! I couldn't be more thrilled for both of them and their husbands. They will all make wonderful parents! 

In honor of their announcements, I made them each a congratulations card. My inspiration were these baby shower cards made by JNelly. It was fun to pick paper and a theme for both a boy and a girl. Thank you to my pregnant friends for planning that out so well for me ;) 

To make the cards I drew a onesie (or should I say drew about 3 onesies to get it right). I traced the onesie onto girl and boy papers. Cut the shape and glued them to the cards. I added a 'baby' stamp with silver embossing powder for the little lady, and a 'boy' sticker for the fella. I like how they turned out! 

To challenge myself a little further, I decided to make matching envelopes!

To make the envelopes, I carefully disassembled an envelope. Using the same paper as the corresponding cards, I traced the outline of the envelope. Using my paper cutter and bone folder, I cut and folded all the sides. I glued three of the sides together and ta da, envelope! For the addresses on the front I used pink and blue oval labels. 
To seal the envelopes, I made a sticker the same color as the address label. To make the sticker, I used a cute safety pin stamp with versa mark and clear embossing powder (one of my favorite techniques!)

I'm so happy with how professional the envelopes turned out and easy they were to make! I have a feeling there will be a lot more envelopes in my future; postmen beware. 

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janelle said...

Love them! I feel honered to be an inspriation to someone has creative as you :) love the envelopes I have been thinking of making them as well but didnt know how! Keep up the great work!