Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twenty-Nine

This evening I'm going to a birthday party for a friend of a friend. I know said friend of friend well enough that I was excited to receive an invitation to her party! I didn't want to show up empty handed but only wanted to do something small, thoughtful and fun. After some minor brainstorming, I came up with a festive 6-pack of beer!

On my way home from work I stopped at the store to get candles, a 6-pack of Corona and a lime. I already had the wrapping paper and ribbon.

I cut a strip of the wrapping paper - just enough to cover the base and not the bottles. I then adjusted the paper so you could read 'happy' along the front. I used a little bit of glue to attach the paper to the case.

The next step was getting the candle to stick in the lime. I used a small knife and cut X in the top of the lime. When the candle wasn't quite squeezing in, I cut another X in the opposite direction. Fits perfectly and even sits up-right on it's own!

I made a small card that says "wishing you a very happy beerthday". The card is tied to the handle with ribbons. I place the lime in the case and tada - it's a party in a box!
 This was incredibly easy and, I think, turned out really cute. I will definitely be using this idea again! Same idea could also be used to wrap a 6-pack of Izzy Sodas or sparkling waters.

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kaci j said...


i like that you give a shot out to us NA drinkers... can't wait to give out 6 packs of Izzes :)