Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twenty-Eight

  I am a fan of ribbon. I like to use it on cards, to tie up packages and sometimes in the form of a bow. It was no surprise that when I found out about bakers twine, I wanted to get some. From what I've read, bakers twine is the new black. How can you not want to get your hands on that?

During one of many trips to Michael's I looked around for this cute, colorful bakers twine. After talking with a few employees and an overhead announcement to the entire store, I realized they had no idea what I was talking about. 

That's when I went with a tried and true Google search. Thankfully I stumbled upon what most crafters probably already knew, Divine Twine is where it's at. Not only is the brand name completely adorable, the twine is earth-friend AND it's made by a bay area company.

After more of an internal debate than I care to admit, I decided to purchase cherry red and oyster gray. These spools arrived in my mailbox a few short days later.

 Along with my purchase were a sample bundle of the other options of twine. GENIUS marketing strategy, because now I want them all. With the samples and my very own cherry and oyster, I made a few little cards. This first one was really fun to make. I felt like I was an elementary school kid doing an art project!

I love how cute the string is all on it's own. To tie up a package or wrap around a card, it adds a little more character with a nice punch of color. 

When I bought the cherry colored twine it made me think of cherry candy and doesn't it look like candy canes? This card was completely inspired by candy - the sugary treat and my mom! While making this I realized my cursive is a little rusty, however I was impressed with how easy it was to glue twine, in a cursive pattern, to the card.

I am now a fan of ribbon and bakers twine! I will definitely be using my divine twine for many upcoming projects!

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kaci j said...

i LOVE the candy card! how cute is THAT?! are you sending it to your favorite Candy? i bet she'd l.o.v.e. it :)