Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twenty-Three

One of the best and most useful gifts I've ever received was this engraved recipe book. It's leather bound and has just the right amount of categories and plastic sleeves to store my recipes. It's a perfect combination of two of my favorite things: cooking and organization! 
 I currently have subscriptions to Real Simple, Cooking Light and Sunset magazines. When I read them, I dogear the pages of things I find interesting or want to reference later. A majority of the pages end up being recipes or gift ideas. The recipes make it to my lovely recipe book and sadly the other interesting tidbits sit in the magazines stacking up on the shelf.
 In an effort to make better use of all the wonderful things I've marked, I decided to make an idea binder. Much like my recipe book, I wanted tabs that were easy to flip to whatever I'm looking for. Lucky me to stumble upon the back-to-school supplies and find this cute binder:
After a quick flip through some of my dogeared mags, I came up with a few categories for my tabs:
I added some plastic sleeves and ta-da - idea binder is done! I can now organize and easily reference all those great ideas.

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