Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Sixteen

Today was the Oakland Heartwalk, which is a 5K walk to raise money and awareness for heart disease and stroke. This was my sixth year participating and my third or fourth year as a team captain.

It's always a mix of emotions to be a captain: love to support the AHA and help rally the troops but sometimes feels like pulling teeth to get people to sign up. This year I had 12 team members and together we raised nearly $800! As a way to thank those who joined my team, I made heart healthy treat bags!

Each bag contained a Ghiradelli dark chocolate square and Omega Trek Mix from TJ's. In honor of the heartwalk, I tied it all together with a heart tag and ribbon.  

To make the hearts I stamped versa mark on black paper. I then used sparkly red empossing power. I'm happy I went with red on black, because the red heart really stands out.
I received rave reviews and many thanks for the treats. I also learned a  few valuable lessons: if you bring treats for some, make extras AND to recruit more people early on, bribe them with treats! People are motivated by food and sparkly hearts.

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Debbie Mendes said...

Thanks for the smuggled treat. *wink*