Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twenty-One

Today I had a bit of a creative challenge catastrophe (triple word score, thank you very much). I had a few ideas but none of them worked out for today. I also thinking I'm feeling a little burned out. I have to stop and pat myself on the back for 20 days of creativity and blogging; this is a first for me! However, a task still needed to be done. 

I contemplated staying home to make something, but decided to go to Rachel's instead to watch the Glee preimere as planned. I should have known she'd be baking! Not only did I have to the opportunity to enjoy the smell of fresh baked goods, ensure top quality of her products with taste tests, I also got to make a few of my own 'cakes for the sake of my challenge. As I mentioned earlier this month, I'm not much of a baker. So this was a fun challenge and seemingly fool proof with the guidance of a professional.

The vanilla batter was already made, so I simply spooned it into liners. I followed R's lead and sprinkled a a few white and milk chocolate chips into each.

 After their brief session in the oven, I let them cool while we watched Glee. Being the multi-tasker that she is, Rachel frosted her project while we enjoy the premiere and a glass of wine.
 Once cooled, I was given a quick frosting tutorial. I appreciate the tips, because had I frosted these on my own, they would not have looked like this at all. The results here have given me the confidence to frost more, it was really pretty easy, but only if I have a frosting bag!
Last but certainly not least are the decorations - large white sprinkles, fine pink sugar and one small pink flower with pearl center.
Thank you to Rachel for teaching me a new skill and saving day 21 of the creative challenge. I now have all the proof I need that a few cupcakes really can save the day!!

On an unrelated note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite twin-set, Layna and Janelle! I will be sharing their birthday treat later this week.

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Lisakay said...

Did you get that "Keep Calm...and have a cupcake" qoute from Paper Source :)