Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Five

Today I am pulling from my "portfolio" since we are enjoying the great outdoors!

When we moved in together one of the first projects we tackled was art for the walls. It truly was a creative collaboration from start to finish. Brian took the photos, narrowed down his favorites. I picked my favorites of the favorites, printed, choose frames, and framed. Together we placed them on the walls! 
Panoramic photo of Lake Tahoe (from Heavenly Ski Area), surrounded by trail maps from Lake Tahoe ski resorts
A collage of beach/coastal photos, hung in our bathroom 
Panoramic of the Golden Gate Bridge, hung in our living room

I love that we have our own images on the walls to enjoy on a daily basis. 

1 comment:

kaci j said...

i like the golden gate panorama. i took a picture almost exactly like that. i wonder if brian and i share the same photographic eye. i would be so lucky!