Monday, September 13, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Thirteen

As I mentioned here and here, there were friends, family and a lot of CU buffs in town this weekend! On Friday night there was an alumni happy hour at the Thirsty Bear (ironic since we were playing the Cal Bears!). We met up with our long time family friends, Kate and Kelli. Kate lives in the south bay and Kelli lives in Boulder.
Our crew (from left to right): David, Brian, me, Kate, Jessica and Kell
After the football game on Saturday, I hosted a little get-together at my house. In the spirit of football season and a very loyal buff fan himself, I made my dad's famous chili. I've eaten the chili more times than I can remember, but have never attempted it myself. It wasn't hard to convince Kate, Kelli and their friends to come once I told them what I was making. Remember, it's famous. I am a confident cook and yet I was nervous to make this. Thankfully my brother was here and has helped make it quite a few times.
DWW chopping all the veggies
Although just making the recipe felt like a creative endeavor on it's own, I also wanted to be able to share the recipe with everyone. So I made some recipe cards, complete with the chef himself and all this pointers for making the perfect pot of chili

I typed up the recipe in a word doc and spruced it up with a photo of my dad (photo actually taken at Kate and Kelli's parents house!). I printed the recipe on cardstock and cut down to size. Final touch was gluing them to golden yellow paper. I made enough cards for all the dinner guests and a few to mail my dad.
Recipe cards - front and back
Per the chef's suggestion, we prepped all the ingredients the day before (thanks to the help of my house guests!). Actually cooking the chili consisted of pouring into the pot, stirring and sampling...for quality control purposes.
The final product! It was so good, the 6 quart pot was finished by the end of the evening.
I realize the photo doesn't do the chili justice, but trust me it was DELISH! I used a mild chili powder, because I'm a bit of a wuss. That being said, next time I'd actually kick it up a notice and go with medium. I was hoping for some leftovers, but am so glad it was a hit and enjoyed by all. It was so fun to have everyone over for dinner, more football, You Tube videos (like this one), laughs and great conversations.

I'll share the recipe with YOU next time you come to my house for dinner. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even get a cute recipe card too!

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Debbie Mendes said...

So you're saying there aren't any leftovers? Is that right? (LOOKS SO GOOD!!)