Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Four

We are spending the long, holiday weekend camping in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. I've never been so I'm really looking forward to it! From what I've heard, it's gorgeous and much less crowded than it's popular neighbor, Yosemite

Ironically, my uncle and aunt from Southern California will be there at the exact same time and camp area (it's a HUGE park so this is still shocking to me)!! They are taking a week long Central/Northern California road trip to celebrate his birthday and their wedding anniversary. In honor of their celebrations, I made them a little treat for when we meet up! 
In my eyes, no camping trip is complete without s'mores! Since they are staying in a lodge I originally wanted to make them something simple to eat like this. After burning the chocolate I decided to keep it real simple - all the ingredients to make s'mores!
Side note: burning the chocolate was a reminder that I should stick to paper. I am thankful (as are my future children) for my friends who are amazing bakers!
My uncle is the king of witty, so I think he'll appreciate the card! To make it I used recycled brown card stock to make a small card. I topped it, just like a s'more, with chocolate brown square of paper. I printed the phrase on white paper and cut it into a circular/ marshmallow shape. Since the marshmallow is always the thickest part, I raised the white paper up off the card. 

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Debbie Mendes said...

Thanks for sharing this with me in person. It's such a thoughtful gift!