Friday, September 10, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Ten

Two of my favorite people just flew into town. They're here to see me (obvi) and to see CU play Cal tomorrow! 

The first guest to arrive is my older brother. He's been to the bay area a few times now to visit. It's always fun to spend time with him and he's a very easy house guest! 
DWW and MW, San Francisco, circa 1989
The second guest to arrive is Jessica: best friend, CU alum and west coast pal (she currently lives in Portland). We see each other fairly regularly, but it's been a while since she's been here in the bay area. It's fun to have her back here, especially for the football game!

MW and JN (with John Sanders) - CU pregame - circa 2005

The other day at Michael's I found these fabulous yellow-gold, argyle koozie. They were in the $1 and marked at 50% off. I'm pretty sure I would have even bought them full price. 

In honor of the game, I decided to make them buffalo koozies! To make these I printed the CU logo on plain white paper. Trimmed with scissors and taped to the koozie with clear packaging tape. Our beverages will be festive and cold. I'll drink to that!


Debbie Mendes said...

Thank you thank you for sharing that picture of you circa 1989 !! You are so freakin cute in your pink jacket. Probably caused the earthquake that year with that style rolling into town!

Jessica said...

boy do i love me some john sanders...

oh, and buffs of course!

Jessica said...

again, i love john sanders. i think i had a dream about him the other night. it was pure magic.