Saturday, September 25, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

As I mentioned on Tuesday, two of my favorite people - Layna and Janelle - celebrated their birthday. 
 I've known these lovely ladies since kindergarten. Growing up they were the oldest of our group, meaning they got to drive first, turn 21 first, etc. Fortunate for me, I got a lot of free rides from them for the 8 months before I could drive. Ahhh, so may classic memories in the silver Camry!

In honor of their special day, I wanted to mail them each a little something festive. Rather than the typcial birthday card route, I decided to make them birthday crowns! Why not spend the last year of your twenties sporting a crown? I say go out in style.

My inspiration for crowns came from the Paper Source (ahem, children's) royal crown kits. I picked a crown for each and flipped through my paper stash to find that coordinated well.
Using the Cricut, I cut out 3.5 inch block letters for LAYNA and NELLY (fits better than Janelle on a crown!). Funny side note - I thought the glitter paper was pretty and festive. Looks good, but such a mess. Note to self: glitter is an outside toy. 

After gluing the letters to the crown, I added rinestones to the each point. For added glitz, I used a silver pen to make smaller jewels. I also used the silver pen to outline the letters. I think it really made them stand out a little more. 

Since these crowns were also a birthday card, I used this happy birthday stamp on the back of the crown. I stamped with versa mark and traces over the writing with silver and black ink. I also included a more personal message on the inside of the crown.

 To complete and close the crown, I added two brads to the end. Not knowing their exact size, I didn't punch holes in the other side, so I wrote a little note for the girls to fit the crown to their head and then punch holes.

 Here are the final products before I sent them off in the mail! To mail, I put each crown between two pieces of cardboard and then used a usps express mail envelope.

And here are the birthday girls, sporting their crowns!
 Layna is currently in school for her teaching credetial. She asked to steal the idea for her future elementary students. I think they are fabulous for birthdays of all ages, royal celebrations and just regualr ol' days when you want to feel like a Queen or King!

Speaking of birthdays...wishing another dear friend, Sara, a very HAPPY day!!

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