Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Eighteen

This weekend B is in Arizona for a Bachelor party. They planned the weekend to coincide with the Iowa vs Arizona game. A majority of the guys (or maybe all of them) know each other from college and they are very passionate hawkeye football fans. So you see, perfect bachelor weekend in the desert!

Because I'm a girl and I like themes, parties and making a big deal out of celebrations, I suggested B get tuxedo t-shirts for all the guys. I throw a lot of ideas out (to B, friends, family, anyone who will listen) because I have a lot of them and most of all, I like to be helpful. Some I put more stock in than others depending on how good of an idea it is/my level of expertise on the subject. That being said, I did not put a lot of stock into this idea. In my eyes it was a good, fun idea but not something all guys would go for. I was delightfully surprised when B gave the thumbs up and ordered shirts!
Keeping with the Iowa colors, black and gold, I suggested they get black for the groomsmen and gold for the groom. Let's be honest, he needs to stand out! Shirts were received and as an added touch I ironed on "groom" to the back of the bachelor's shirt. Part of my original idea/suggestion was that wearing tuxedo shirts in the school colors might get them on camera at the game. I really hope they do! If anything, I hope it is a fun memory of their bachelor party weekend.

I also refurbished the buff koozies from last weekend to be hawkeye koozies! I just knew gold argyle koozies were a smart purchase! To make the koozies, I printed the hawkeye logo on white labels and cut them down to size.

I look forward to hearing the (some of) the stories and seeing the pictures of this tuxedo wearin', hawkeye cheerin' group of Iowa boys. In the meantime, let's go HAWKS!!

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