Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven

Earlier this month Debbie shared how to make a banner card. I was delighted to see how simple it was to make with very adorable (and seemingly time consuming) results. Needing to make a few birthday cards, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try my hand at banner cards.  

I picked a double sided piece of paper and made a fold. I then cut 6 similar sized triangles. I was worried about making them all the same size, but I actually really like that they're all a little different.

For contrast, I flipped half of the triangles to the other side. 

I then placed all the triangles out along a piece of hemp twine. When I was happy with their placement, I put a small dot of glue in between the two pieces of paper to close the flag. I glued them close to the tip so that they could still slide along the twine. 

I knotted each end of the twine and glued just the knots to a card. For a final touch, I added a Happy Birthday sticker. 
I am still in shock of how quickly and easily this came together. It might be one of my new favorite cards to make! Thank you for the inspiration, Honey Bee! 

1 comment:

Debbie Mendes said...

I heart the color combinations you used. Something I could design a room around! Great job sweets!