Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creative Challenge: Day Twelve

Today is the Krueger's one year wedding anniversary! They're spending the weekend in Telluride, where they went on their first date, got engaged and last year were married. I hope they are having a fabulous celebration weekend, they certainly deserve it! 

In honor of their anniversary, I made them a card. I used a picture from their rehearsal dinner. My helpful photoshop friend added a quote for me... "Here's to love, laughter and happily ever after," which was part of the toast I gave on their wedding day. 
To make the card I attached the photo to a piece of persimmon paper that I'd punched at a Paper Source workshop. I mounted those onto another piece of flowery paper.
Now that I know how to make envelopes, I decided this card needed a fun envelope too! I love the pattern of this paper and it matched the persimmon in the card perfectly. I also used a piece of the flowery paper to write the address. And finally, I attached a large K to tie it all together!


kaci j said...

this whole thing is just BEAUTIFUL. the picture, the card, the red lacey trim, the envelope. i want it, please :)


Chelsea Krueger said...

ummmm. I am glad I've been a slacker at catching up on my blog reading because this was the most WONDERFUL surprise in the mail!!! You are so damn creative and cute. I mean seriously, who even thinks of these things? I am truly touched that you thought of us on our anniversary and made us this beautiful card. You are the best!