Monday, October 25, 2010

Orange and Black

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In the spirit of Halloween and a quick recap of our weekend here is a little orange and black collage. I bought a bunch of mini pumpkins (aka pumpkin tree) at TJ's. I put most of them in a vase (top left). Others I placed in the window sill and grouped with white pumpkins from the wedding last weekend. It was an easy and affordable way to add to our fall decor.
B has officially hopped on the bandwagon proclaimed he is a Giant's fan, so I bought him a new hat. It's pretty hard not to when there is world series excitement all around! We'd love to go to a game if anyone has free tickets....otherwise we'll be rooting for the orange and black from the East Bay.
Speaking of orange and black, did you know B and I had the same high school mascot? That's right - go tigers! Although we went to different colleges, with completely different mascots, at least our teams have the same colors - black and gold. It is convenient for supporting both teams on game day. Thankfully the Giants pulled through with a win on Saturday because the hawkeyes and buffs both lost.
Last and deserving least attention (not pictured) are the black ants that have moved into our living room. It was very rainy this weekend so apparently they were seeking shelter. Thankfully we are working on containing them now and they aren't in the kitchen (that is the worst!). It's making me think I should be an ant eater instead of a jelly fish for Halloween.
*ps. two people have now told me they swear by orange oil to fend off ants. going to pick some up tonight! another orange and black. coincidence? i think not.

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kaci j said...

i can't wait to hear how the ant problem goes. LOVE the pumpkins and orange and black theme! I've decorated my house with tons of little sugar pumpkins and baby gourds. we don't HAVE a tj's so i can't have pumpkin twigs like you ;)