Wednesday, February 2, 2011

blast from the past: ski passes

When people ask me how long I've been skiing I tell them I started on the driveway not long after I learned to walk. It sounds like a tall tale, but it's not far from the truth. I really did learn to ski on the driveway, followed by years of complimentary ski passes and  ski school lessons thanks to my Dad working for the ski area (Breckenridge, to be exact). 

On their recent trip to the Bay Area, Dad brought along a treasure to share with B - years and years of our ski passes! He's saved every single one from when we were kids and he lived in Colorado. It is always a hilarious and heart warming experience to flip through them. As a kid there were many Saturday mornings I wanted to sit in my pj's and watch cartoons. I know I'm insanely lucky to have been on the ski slopes instead and looking at all the passes is a good reminder of just that.

I am now the proud keeper of all the passes. I want to do something with them - frame, collage - I'm just not quite sure what (suggestions welcomed!) . In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favorites. 

yours truly 
{age 5}
 Apparently my first official ski pass was at age 5. At this age I was definitely skiing the bunny hill or easy greens with my parents close behind. I wish I could still have this picture as a ski pass photo! 

{age 8}
At this age I was holding my own on skis, the confidant smile says it all. If I wasn't skiing with my parents, dww (my brother) or these girls, I was cruising through the enchanted forest with ski school. Speaking of the smile, thank goodness for braces in my later years! 

{age 10}
Hello permed hair and waterfall bangs, glad you could make it to the mountain! In case no one can see the early 90s look when I'm wearing a ski hat, surely my neon ski jacket will let them know what's up. At this age the benefits to all those ski school lessons were paying off. I could ski almost anything, but could not keep up with my brother (still can't!)

{age 6}
i love just about everything about this photo - the trucker hat and poofy ski jacket that make him look like a 6 year old and let's not forget the 'signature'. this was his first official ski pass.

{age 11}
I love: the hair (i'm sure a ski hat was just removed...), the devilish smile and the fact that I know he's wearing a one piece ski suit! At this age there is no doubt he was flying down the mountain (regardless of the run, he went straight down). To this day he still flies down the mountain, but with much more grace. And to his credit, he always waited for the bottom.

{age 28}
This is the first ski pass of the bunch from when he moved to Colorado. LOVE the volume in his hair (clearly that's where I get mine) and the very 70s looking going on here. Please note his signature; he's always had amazing handwriting! 

{age 37}
I wonder if Dad and DWW coordinated their trucker hats for the '86 ski pass photos? 
Regardless, I love it. As far as my Dad's ski ability,  he was an excellent skier and teacher and always carried Jolly Ranchers in his ski jacket! 

Hope this brings a little humor into your day!

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kaci j said...

love it! so fun to look at all the pics!!! and hear the lil' family stories. thanks for sharing!