Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper Heart Garland

Last week I shared a dose of lovely hearts and crafts that caught my eye. But wait, there's more! Check out these paper hearts made by Smile Monsters.

{Smile Monsters}

I decided to make a few to hang in our apartment.  As seen in the top photo, I made my paper hearts into a garland that is now hanging just above our stairs (same place I hung the bats for halloween)! 

To make the hearts I followed Smile Monsters easy to follow instructions found here.

Here are the supplies I used:
Paper cutter (with scalloped blade)
Silver eyelets
Eyelet and Snap punch (thanks, mom!)
Multicolor Hearts wrapping paper
Red, yellow and kraft card stock

I've included a few pictures of putting my hearts together. As mentioned above, the instructions were easy to follow. If you decide to make these, here are my suggestions:
- use a fun patterned paper, the thicker the better (I recommend card stock)
- if you use one sided patterned paper, make sure the pattern faces out!
- the trickiest part was holding the strips of paper and placing the eyelet. if you have an extra set of hands, use them here (thanks, b!)

Here is the finished product. I love the scalloped edges and multicolor heart paper!

I strung my three paper hearts on a piece of hemp cord. I tied a few small knots on either side of the eyelet so they wouldn't slide. To round out the garland I added two red hearts cut out on the cricut.

Happy February! 

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SmileMonsters said...

Absolutely lovely! I like your better than mine. =^)

Jo @ SmileMonsters