Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chowen Photography

**my apologies if you are reading this a second time. there was an issue with blogger last week and the post was deleted, so i'm reposting. take that blogger!** 

Long before I needed to be thinking about wedding photographers, I was dreaming about Chowen Photography. Heidi and Daniel, of Chowen Photography, are long time family friends of Chelsea. I had the privilege of meeting them in 2009 at Chelsea's wedding. I knew they were photographers, but other than these photos from Chelsea's wedding shower, I wasn't familiar with their work. 

Fast forward to this past fall, Chelsea did a photo shoot with the Chowen's as a surprise for her husband. I was blown away with how gorgeous ALL the photos turned out. The subject, the lighting, the artistic view - amazing. Here are two of my favorites:

Not long after these photos were taken, Chelsea mentioned the Chowen's were moving to Denver to expand their photography business. They would now be Denver/Boulder photographers....and that my friends is when the dreaming began! I asked Chelsea more about them and from then on secretly hoped they could be our photographers someday.

A few short days after we were engaged I reached out to Heidi to discuss availability, pricing, etc. I felt a tiny bit crazy contacting photographers so soon, fully knowing our wedding was over a year away and budget still up in the air, but I went with it. I knew I loved their style and having beautiful images to remember our day was a high priority.

After a few weeks of email exchanged, working on a wedding budget and shopping around (to make sure I was making the very best decision) we BOOKED CHOWEN PHOTOGRAPHY!!! It makes me extremely happy that we'll have a husband + wife team, who we actually know, capturing us becoming husband and wife. Not to mention we can look forward to having amazing photos, like these, for the rest of our lives.

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