Sunday, May 1, 2011


While there are many gorgeous images from the Royal Wedding, this one has to be my favorite...  


 Priceless! While millions watched and cheered for the Royal kiss, this little bridesmaid looks less than amused. Makes me laugh every time!

 I opted for sleep over watching the festivities but turned on the TV as soon as I woke up. I can't imagine watching it live, because the highlights alone got me teary eyed. What can I say, I'm my mother's daughter and a hopeless romantic. Considering how many people were watching them, the bride and groom looked so calm, happy and in love.

The only special moment I caught live was the couple leaving Buckingham Palace in the Ashton Martin decked out with streamers, balloons and the perfectly personalized JU5T WED license plate. I'd like to borrow that sweet ride for our big day. And while I'm borrowing ideas, I think we'll ask our guests to wear fun hats too!

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kaci j said...

be careful, girl. i will invest in a WAY fun summer wengert-blacko hat, you watch out :)