Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I give a HOOT

A few weeks back, Miss Ashlee hosted a Spotted Owl Brew Fest. The brew fest was planned as the final hoorah of her Spotted Owl Project. Before I delve into the sweet details of the fest', here's a little more from Ashlee on the project.

Tatzoo ladies: Alisha (Bay Checkerspot Butterfly), Ashlee (Spotted Owl) and Molly (Stellar Sea Lion)
The Spotted Owl Project (a Tatzoo project) is my first attempt at breaking out of my shell and engaging people in something I truly care about – beer…and the Northern Spotted Owl of course! In fact, it’s an endeavor that combines both of these two interests. I am brewing a beer called Spotted Owl Brew, which I intend to use it as a vehicle for engaging random strangers in a meaningful conversation about the Northern Spotted Owl. Why? Well, I don’t know about you, but I love to get into passionate conversations with a beer in hand. So, why not bring something truly relevant – like endangered species and how our lives impact their chances for survival- into the mix?

It’s not just about the Northern Spotted Owl though. I want to help people start making connections. What do I mean? Well, I want people to start thinking about species THEY care about… and why! The thing is, unless we start changing our behavior (and fast) there are a LOT of species out there at risk, not just the Northern Spotted Owl.

It is my hope that by engaging people in conversation about species we care about and wouldn’t want to lose, we’ll all start to feel a little more motivated to start making some changes – big or small – that will begin to add up and make a real difference.

adorable tags hand stamped by ashlee
The Spotted Owl Brew Fest took place on a Saturday evening at the gorgeous home of Ashlee's aunt. The evening included food, Spotted Owl brew, a presentation from Ashlee,  music by her cousin's band 91 Night Owl (owl love runs in the family) and lots of good conversations. Donations were collected (encouraged, not required) with all of the proceeds going right back to the Spotted Owls!

spotted owl bunting banner made by yours truly
In addition to unlimited Spotted Owl brew, each guest also received an adorable mug! I hope, as I'm sure Ashlee does too, these mugs continue to spark conversations about the Spotted Owl.

Speaking of the brew, here is the brewmaster himself, Brian (aka bgrace) joined by a loyal brew drinker, Blackore. 

Throughout the evening, Ashlee gave everyone the opportunity to share why they give a HOOT. Here are a few of the responses (click to enlarge). It was a fun idea and made for some great pictures. My favorite response, from Ashlee's aunt (top right), I give a HOOT...because they know Ashlee. I couldn't agree more!

{click to enlarge}
I give a HOOT because this was a project near and dear to Ashlee's heart. That was reason enough for me. Beyond that, I give a HOOT because I want future generations to have the change to know about and hopefully see these amazing creators in the wild. 

Why do YOU give a HOOT? Is there a species you're particularly passionate about? 

Congrats to Ashlee on the successful completion of the Spotted Owl Project. So happy we were able to attend the brew! Now she gets a Spotted Owl tattoo (hence the name, Tatzoo)! 

Learn more about the Spotted Owl Project here.

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kaci j said...

HOOTIE HOOOOOOOOOOO! I wish i was there to help celebrate! good work on supporting and lovin' on that hoot-astical sister of mine.