Friday, April 22, 2011

A brighter shade of green

Happy Earth Day! Have you hugged a tree today?

 Avenue of the Giants - February 2010

Last year on Earth Day, I wrote about the ways I celebrate Earth Day everyday. I'm happy to report I am still celebrating on a daily basis by continuing all those things! I've even cut back a little more by walking to work most days. It's a good workout and way to cut my carbon footprint.

This year I'm challenging myself to think about the carbon footprint of our wedding  and when possible choose Eco-Chic. In other words, have a beautiful wedding while making minimal environmental impact. My hope is to incorporate these 101 ways to make your wedding eco-chic, from Style Unveiled. I will also make good use of the Green Bride Guide! And I have some experience with green weddings...remember when I helped plan one?

While I know our wedding might not be completely green, it's something I want to keep in mind. With so many great resources, it seems silly not to strive for a brighter shade of green...and I'm not just talking wedding colors.

Thanks for reading. Now go hug a tree (yes, that means you too Jess!).

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Jessica said...

I won't do it. you can't make me.

gd hippies...