Friday, April 8, 2011

Let the wedding plans begin!

According to the we have 435 until our ideal wedding date*! Not right around the corner, but definitely time to get the planning party started. 

I am pretty proud of myself for waiting to start planning, like I promised after the proposal. While I have worked on little aspects and day dreamed A LOT, very few plans have actually been made. 
In the last week or so I've started to get serious. The planner in me was getting nervous about not planning. 

I will share details of the planning process here, partially to keep those interested informed and to pay it forward. I've been inspired by so many blogs, I can only hope to help/inspire others. 

Here's what I've done so far:
- Signed up for the It's a great FREE resource. I'll admit, when you log-on its sensory overload (so many pictures and ideas on the main page) but they have some great tools and of course a friendly count down to the big day!
* When you first sign up for the knot, it asks your wedding date. As I mentioned above, we have an ideal wedding date. I will share more on that later, but in an effort not to jinx us I'll just say we are shooting for June 2012.

- Created a budget This is the thing that was on my mind immediately after the engagement, as in it scared me. I'm SO HAPPY to say that so far, so good. I am thankful my parents are contributing to the actual budget which will help us make this thing happen. I am also thankful for the knot's budget tool and Chelsea's wedding budget to all steer me in the right direction.

- Started a timeline using Real Simple's Ultimate Wedding Plan Checklist. I plan to add a lot more to the timeline as we get closer, but this is a great start! 

- Searching for venues We are planning to get married in the Denver area. Through catering I've been to quite a few of the venues. Its helpful in narrowing down the list, but I want B to see them and also for me to look at them again from a bride lens. This is our biggest priority. I'm hoping we can make a choice when we're home for Memorial Day (fingers crossed).

Contacted Photographers This has been the most fun part so far. I will share more exciting details soon!

- LOTS of drooling and dreaming over wedding blogs. To me, blogs are like the new age wedding magazine. I love the photos of real weddings, DIY projects and loads of clever ideas. These are my favorite wedding blogs: 100 Layer CakeGreen Wedding ShoesLovely Little DetailsMarry You MeSnippet & InkStyle Me Pretty

Although not strictly wedding blogs, I also like these blogs that shared lots of their own wedding inspiration, DIY projects and party inspiration: Elise Blaha: enJOY It, Oh Happy Day, We Met in a Bar

One question I've gotten a lot, but hadn't thought about too much, is whether I will take Brian's last name. Not a huge shock, as I am engaged and will be getting married. I guess with so many other details on my mind, and a wedding date pretty far away, this isn't top of mind.

To enlighten my dear readers: the answer is yes, I plan to take Brian's last name. I've always liked his last name, Lackore, and heck I really like him too so why not! I adore my initials (either way you flip MW it always reads MW) and feel proud of my last name, but I look forward to becoming Michelle Lackore (fyi, it was weird typing that!!). My future children will get to use Wengert for their mothers maiden name and with my new initials, ML, add an I and a F...and I'll be a MILF!

That's all for now! I promise to share more details as they come. Thanks for following along and please share any blogs, tools or tips you have for me!

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