Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Six Pack

In addition to making baby cards, I've also been putting together baby shower gifts. Last weekend I put together this baby six pack for a friend's shower.   

Prior to heading to Babies R Us (where I am beginning to think I should take them up on the rewards card) I viewed the gift registry to look for themes. When I saw the bottles and brushes still available, my creative wheels started turning. Remembering this birthday six pack, I thought it could be cute to make a baby six pack filled with bottles, bottle brushes and other things to occupy baby when not sleeping or with said bottles.  

baby six pack ingredients: bottles, brushes, pacifier and clip
reused 6 pack container
Using an empty six pack container and paper I had on hand, I transformed the six pack container to be baby (boy!) friendly. Looking back, I should have cut out the handle area prior to gluing it all together, but thankfully those crocked lines were hidden by the contents!

I wrapped each item individually to look like a bottle, tying the top of each with ribbon. The brushes were packaged together, so they look nothing like a bottle, but thankfully are somewhat hidden in the back of the pack. Here is a side view...

The baby six pack was completed with an oh BOY! card tied to the handles. When opening gifts at the shower, my friend immediately knew this was from me. Am I that obvious? :) 

With so many cute baby clothes and gear, a gift can easily go from simple and thoughtful to expensive. While I ended up spending a little more than I had planned, this same idea could be created at any price point. 

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Sarah said...

SO cute.